The City Center is proud to partner with MMS Rentals & Productions (MMS), our in-house production company.  MMS is a local, family owned event services company with over 20 years of experience.

Production Contact:
Paul Harshbarger – Owner/Manager
Office – (217) 689-1816 EXT. 105

PA System

  • (6) Flown VRX 932 LAP two way powered loudspeakers
  • (6) Groundstacked JBL SR4719X passive suwboofers
  • (2) Crown 5002vz power amplifiers
  • 6 QSC HPR 122i powered monitor speakers (can be used as front fills)


Midas M32 Digital FOH console

  • (32) mono XLR inputs, (8) ¼” aux inputs
  • 8 DCAs
  • 16 aux sends with subs run from aux 8
  • APB Dynasonics Mix Switcher for guest consoles
  • DBX DriveRack 360 processor


  • 48 XLR input, 8 XLR output splitter snake with 25’ whip to monitor position
  • 12 channel upstage sub snake
  • 6 channel downstage sub snake
  • 2 Cat5 runs from stage position to FOH position
  • Snakes are run through 6” pipe under floor with an additional 6” pipe open for guest snakes to utilize with additional consoles (note: ramlatch snakes do not fit and will need to be run over the floor with cable ramping or around the wall)
  • Production appropriate wired mics and stands provided


  • 18K conventional par can truss rig downstage (DMX address 1-18)
  • 12 LED Venue ThinPar 64 fixture truss rig upstage (DMX address alternate 101 and 108)


  • 100 amp 3 phase service with camlock pass through
  • (8) 20 amp edison circuits
  • Single L14-30 hookup available


  • Stage is roughly 31’ at downstage edge built into a corner
  • 8’x8’ drum riser
  • Stair access on both sides of stage with wheelchair lift on stage right
  • PnD coverage around upstage with 16’ available on either side for monitor/guitar world(s)

All lighting and audio systems are leased from MMS Rentals and Productions. Installed equipment can be augmented from MMS local Champaign warehouse depending on individual artist and performance needs. Supplemental sound and lighting gear is to be negotiated with City Center or booking management. Wireless microphones, digital consoles, intelligent lighting, follow spots, etc. are all available.

Contact Paul at (217) 689-1816 x105 for additional details.